About Our Firm

As a woman, minority-owned and operated firm, we understand the importance of perseverance, dedication, and hard work first hand. Since day 1, we have prided ourselves on providing trusted support to help our clients attain compliant financial management practices and grow their business while imbuing the highest ideals of transparency.


Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and virtually nationwide, we offer flexible support to aid small businesses and nonprofit organizations in their efforts to manage their accounting and financial processes. Our support helps business owners and managers focus on their core competencies, paving the way for scalability and growth.


We not only provide top-tier guidance for fraud prevention, tax preparation support, audit prep, and overall internal control process improvement, but also train and advise your team in practical and transparent accounting best-practices.


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Core Values

R…. E… S….

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Social Responsibility

At NP Finance & Consulting, we pride ourselves on always trying to do what is right for our clients and society as a whole. In addition to supporting our clients and their mission, our leadership embraces opportunities to participate in meaningful social causes. It is expected that the NP Finance & Consulting family use our talents and experience to support others within our community. In doing so, we hope to promote goodwill while making a widespread positive impact.

About Our Founder & Principal Accountant

Natasha Pronsati

As a Certified Fraud Examiner and former Audit Manager Natasha Pronsati leveraged over a decade of hands-on experience to found NP Finance & Consulting. Over the years, she has helped countless organizations improve their management operations and boost overall efficiency. Her versatile background includes:


  • Certification as a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor
  • Union and nonprofit auditing
  • Fraud & awareness training
  • Tax preparation
  • Compliance support
  • Accounting advisory & best practices modeling


Natasha is backed by years of public accounting and relationship management experience. In turn, she is able to provide organizations with an assessment of their current internal control effectiveness and a predictive analysis of process improvements and efficiencies that drive meaningful change. As a result, her clients are better prepared for audits and knowledgeable about fraud prevention measures.


Her exposure on forensic engagements as a Certified Fraud Examiner are what give her an inside perspective of how negligence and errors can cripple an entire organization. She attends annual recertification training to stay informed about the latest fraud tactics and the preventative deterrent measures that organizations can take to protect themselves.


Aside from her efforts at NP Finance & Consulting, Natasha plays an active role in the community and throughout numerous associations including: AICPA, BDPA, KB Power, NAWBO, and Women of Calvary Church.



"Our value comes from the services we provide to our partners. We strive to build long-term relationships and aim for nothing less than excellent service. Let us meet and exceed your needs!"