Providing Businesses with Accounting Support,
Guidance & Expertise to Ensure Compliance

As a business owner, your core competencies should be your primary focus. Don’t let tax preparation, improper accounting practices, and lack of adequate documentation and audit trail stand in the way of your organization’s goals. Let us be your financial partner. We can help with all of those needs!

That is why NP Finance & Consulting was founded. We are here to provide the financial management support and guidance your business needs to get on the straight and narrow path to achieve and maintain compliance!

Natasha Pronsati, MBA, Owner & Principal Accountant

Natasha Pronsati

Need help with budget preparation, financial statement reporting or bookkeeping oversight?


New Business Setup & Consulting

Need support and advice on where to start when forming your new nonprofit or business?

Is your organization AUDIT ready?  Do you have adequate policies and documentation to fulfil an audit checklist?

Shot of office workers in a meeting in a boardroom

Fraud Prevention & Finance Training

How prepared is your organization to detect and prevent fraud? Could your officers use some training on how best to handle their fiduciary responsibilities?

Have a nonprofit 990 or DOL LM2 filing requirement?



We offer complimentary knowledge & resources to keep your business performing at its best.

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A new year means new policies. Here are just a few of the new regulations that could have an impact on your tax filings for 204 and beyond.